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Default Re: Hey, Aussie male asks for your help with WAXING!

You know, my mom has had 3 of her own salons for about 25 years, my best friend's mom has had 5, and I've had my own experience with waxing and such too. But somehow that "if I wax it enough, the hair will go away" theory has never been proven.

I have read, and I have no where to quote from so forgive, me, that the only place that hair does not grow back is on the eyebrows. This is appearant since many of my mom's customers in the 80's waxed off their eyebrows so many times that they haven't grown back and are needing to pencil them in to this day.

I have also read that most hair will only grow to a certain point, like leg hair, arm hair, etc. But some other places like head hair and beards will grow to where ever.

When it all comes down to it, if you do wax, you can be sure you will have to wax less and less often, and the hair will be thinner and grow back more scattered. I think this is due to the folicle needing to reproduce itself, for lack of better words. Some grow back faster than others because the folicle was not completely ripped out.

One piece of advice for those who wax...when you wax, then shave, you are backtracking on your results. Shaving only makes hair thicker when you do it after waxing.

[/ QUOTE ]

Ok I get what you are getting at, but it has never been proven that shaving thickens hair either. For this to happen the follicle would have to largen in diameter. This can't happen. People THINK it's thicker because of the stubble shaving produces.