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Default Re: Areas of improvement on your training?

Triceps and Biceps are my two weak points, but now that I found a way to induce growth in those areas...I doubt there will be any troubles getting them back on track. Otherwise, I think I look great hahaha =)

Hope this was not "for girls only" thread [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smirk.gif[/img]

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Great to hear about your progress!! How did you do it? I remember you posted something about it on your Picture Thread a while ago.


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I stopped doing isolation exercises, maybe 1-2 sets, 3 at most, on my cheat days =)

There is no need to waste my energi on those, why do that? when I can hit back, biceps and a numerous amount of other muscles with just pull-ups! For varation, yah...there are more than enough varations of pull-ups and chin-ups. To make a long story short, my workouts are much more efficient right now. No time wasting on pink exercises.
To be stimulated into growing, a muscle fiber must not only be recruited, but also exhausted. - Vladimir Zatsiorsky