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hey amazon, sorry to bother you again but i have a question that is a little off topic. i have my own gym/karate school over here in texas. my clientel basis is about 90% female 10% male. i really enjoy my work, making these ladies feel good about themselves again. i have one parcticular i havent been able to crack. she is 31 years old and here our her numbers when she started; weight 379 bodyfat 52% hydration 35% fatfreemass 181.5 fat mass 197. got her down to 367 bf 51% hyd. 36% ffm 179 fm 188.5. my partner (wife) and i talked her out of gastric bypass, since we have many as clients who are not doing so well with the side effects. she recently went to a quack who was putting her on l-carnitine injections (telling her she will lose the fat at injection sites)- appetite suppresant and t-3's. well needless to say, i talked out of it saying it will not create a metabolic boost. i guess she's desperate. at the monent she is following the zone diet and i have her doing at the monent a 4 day split (legs - back-bicep - full shoulder - chest-tri's) and she does my kickboxing class twice a week. she recently purchased clenbuterol and some more t-3's. i am reluctant as to show her how to supplement/cycle these products, but am afraid she'll get some bad advice and take them anyway. i guess my question is what can i do to help her kick in her metabolism and fire up her fat burning? i hope i a not to much of a bother. sincerely monitor
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