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Default Re: My Drug of Choice

About the drugs ... don't do drugs.

caffeine is nto really an exception. i could go into this but i don't think detailed analysis is needed and NJI already stated the perctical apsect in the post here and theoretical in the article he refered to.

I'll add one thing not covered there (naturally, since it's not directly ... but is indirectly bbilding realted) ... impact on body rythem, sleep clock and body temperature levels. In short - it's bad. Longterm - it's havoc. (i know ppl who know ppl who know that YOU know ppl who "can't live" without coffe). insomnia is a symptom here.

I use it sometime. Perhaps 5x a year in dossage. Otherwise ... green tea (more often)... but it's not holy water. Neither is caffeine. Holy water is... well... water.
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