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Default Re: Hey, Aussie male asks for your help with WAXING!

Oh man, I've tried everything on everything.

Waxing is the best if you get it done by a professional, or a friend that knows what they're doing. Make sure to go to some beauty supply place, and not just a pharmacy. I also recommend heatable wax as opposed to non heatable wax. Also, don't get hard wax either, it may be too harsh. The only thing I use hard wax for is bikini line. So if your chest hair is very course, you may want to go with hard wax.

I have very sensitive skin, and I used Veet's 3 minute bladeless hair removel thing. I had to take it off after 2 minutes because it was hurting so badly, and when I did, I had a huge hole type thing on my knee that looked like a horrible rug burn.

I've used Nair, and to me its the same as shaving. Its like...shaving for lazy people. I did this on my legs, and I have very fine hair on my legs, and it came off, but it has the same effect as shaving for me.

There's one depilatory I would recommend, the problem is, I don't remember the name, lol. It was greeaat. I live in miami so I need a clean bikini line all year around. Shaving always leaves bumps, so I used this thing thats safe for everywhere. I got it at a beauty supply place, it was pricey, about $13 for a bottle. They had one for men and women. The only problem was that you had to leave it on for 8 to 12 minutes, I think it was. And it keeps leaking downwards. I am going to try to find the name because I really loved that stuff. It was a spray mousse, btw.
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