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Default Re: Pregnancy Questions.

During pregnancy should you still lift weights? If so what are the rep ranges that you should do/avoid? Does this change with each trimester? What are your thoughts on abdominal exercises during pregnancy?

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I trained up until my 8th month of pregnancy. Yes, I changed my training with each trimester as my body changed and there were physical changes. Towards the 6-8 month, it was more like maintenance training. I included exercises to aid of delivery also. My nutrition also revolved around what was needed on a weekly basis for fetal terms of specific body parts developing and nutrition required..

I wasn't an abc member when I was pregnant. I wouldn't see any problem on taking glutamine, again my training was more maintenance towards the end.

I did abdominal exercises until it was allowable and safe and this is the approach I suggest you take with any exercise. In the end, I could just sit down and contract my abs..working on how the muscles would be used on delivery time.

I didn't increase weight lifted during my pregnancy. I went free weights on most exercises. Deadlifting will be limited, but you can still do walking lunges, leg extensions and standing leg curls. A lot of exercises can be modified.

For cardio, I was still running up until my 6th month. After that walking with inclines was my option as well as step aerobics. I used the nordi track too.

Again, your wife doesn't need to stop training but keep on listening to her body as to training and also take the right medical precautions in regards to her pregnancy. Talk to your doctor and follow up as her pregnancy progresses.

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