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Default Re: Okay, I need advice on dealing with this boyfriend dude o\' mine...

Move on.
He's not worthy of you.
You did nothing wrong setting parameters.
It was a good thing that you stood by your beliefs and were true to yourself!
Since everything happened after your refusal to sex, I would assume that that was what he was after.
Standing you up and avoiding you is just a coward's way out.
This is not even a man, he's just a little boy. Believe me, there are still a lot of little boys out there..age doesn't matter.
On the same token, there are a lot of 23 and 26 year olds that have really matured into better men being rejected because of age.

You are free.
You are single.
Out in the world for someone the really deserves you.
Use this as a lesson in life, as no matter how good you are, you never know what the other side is thinking or doing. It is not you, it is the choices they make because of who they are.

Were you guys introducing each other as girlfriend and boyfriend? If not, he might have been dating several girls at a time..Did he ever ask you to be exclusive? These days, with all the crazy men and women out there, you can't assume exclusivity, it has to be clearly outlined for many. If not, for them, anything goes. Sorry to break it down that way but thought you should know.


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