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Default Okay, I need advice on dealing with this boyfriend dude o\' mine...

Okay, since my boyfriend and I have started dating he's been trying to make 'something' happen, and I haven't wanted to. A little over a month ago I laid the smackdown about it and maybe bruised his ego in the process, but I have my boundaries and I'm not afraid to let them be known and why.

I'll call him 'J.' So since then I've been trying to contact J with little success; doesn't return my calls although he'll fire text messages back to me. He works at the gym I go to; when I cornered him one day to see how he's been he said he's been busy. So I figured yeah, that's understandable 'cause he works insane hours and could use his day off to clean his house or spend time with his best friend or whatever. I haven't been clingy by any means, although I like to think I put a lot energy into it. I would bring him lunch at work or invite him to do something and exhibit some interest in how he's been, but he would decline any invitation and say he would give me a call, though he never would.

WELL, I haven't worked out in about two weeks, so I haven't seen J in awhile. One of our mutual friends that also works at the gym I primarily went to, I will call him 'R', emailed me asking me where I've been. So I told him and eventually R told me J has been absorbed in his new girlfriend. So I'm like "WTF?" in my reply. I didn't know we had broken up since he didn't say anything or if this is something he's doing behind my back, nor does R. Unless his barely speaking to me for almost two months is a cowardly way of breaking up. Either way, this is all the more reason for me to be happy I didn't have sex with him! Wheeeee!

This is my second boyfriend, so I guess I'm pretty let down in a way 'cause I liked him a lot. I'm not mad by any means, but I would like to know what's going on. Either way he's struck out with this stunt; the frist two times he stood me up on dates and wouldn't talk about why, much less offer an apology. I'm sort of tempted to just let it all go and do nothing. Unless there's a better way of handling it, but obviously I don't know what it is. What do you think?
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