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Default You all helped me before...

I found this forum last year and found it and the people very inspirational. I posted then that my goals were to quit smoking, lose weight and increase my energy Well, I took the advice here and managed to quit smoking and get toned. I felt and looked better than I had in years. Well in July, I found out I was pregnant and because I am high risk, it through a huge wrench into my routine. To make a long story short, I miscarried at three months and started smoking again shortly after that. Now I weigh more than I did a year ago, have less energy and feel more depressed. I want to start again and re read the 12 week diet that is on here. Because my daily calorie consumption is so sporadic, I can't figure out what my average is. One day I may eat 700 calories all day the next 1700. I am very stressed and I am having a hard time getting my self motivated to do just about anything. Is there an easier way? I want to lose weight slowly so I don't want to cut my consumption much at first, just start exercising more. How does exercise figure into the maintaince calorie intake? Can I do it this way and then do as you guys say, cut later? And the smoking thing, I did so well and it was so easy to quit then now it seems harder.

Anyway, thanks for your help and support.