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Hehe, I guess I deserved that sweetpea but I better clarify a few things;

Everyone looks at other girls...even girls look at other girls. My gf and I both look at other girls and can admire beauty. She always asks me if I find another girl attractive. However, looking and admiring beauty is one thing and stopping staring and drooling is another. I don't care if someone looks at my girl, that doesn't bother me at all...but when they stop her and harrass her, then then I do.

That is the ONLY issue here. It has nothing to do with jealousy because I like it when she gets compliments. However, I worry when she walks to her car alone at night. Of course it doesn't matter what you are wearing when you are a pretty girl alone at night but you have to agree that revealing clothing will attract more attention than conservative clothing and possibly give guys the wrong idea.

This is a matter of safety not jealousy. Don't peg me as the guy that gets into fights because someone looked at her...that is not me. Anyone can look just don't touch.

If I wasn't 100% she was commited to me I wouldn't even care what she wore.

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