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Ok to get to the point...I am constantly getting into arguments with my gf about her choice of attire. She has great taste but is a little too revealing. She has toned it down a lot in the past couple of years but it is still a little too much for my liking. It is bad enough that too many guys stare and I have found myself in many altercations before.

So summer is coming and I dread it. Those low waisted pants, halter tops drive me nuts. I mean I find them attractive but not on my gf... ,for obvious reasons.

Ok so this has nothing to do with trust...nobody can even approach her she is a total ([---]) to strangers and the rock never leaves her finger. Also she is far from insecure she is very confident so it is not a matter of needing attention. Yet she attracts too much unecessary attention and I worry about her. I also don't want to give the impression that she dresses like she is a street walker because it's not that bad. She is classy just a little too revealing.

[/ QUOTE ]

This is coming from the perspective of someone who has been with a boyfriend like this. And I pretty much told him to kiss my a** b/c this is how I was when you met me and this is how I'm gonna be. Oh and yes he'd get the anger going the fights, etc. And it was rather embarassing. I think instead of looking at is uncessary attention and getting angry you need to say ya, that's my woman and she's going home with me. With so many unfit, insecure people in this world, embrace the apparent beauty and confidence she has, don't try to hide it.

You are also presenting a double standard b/c you say halter tops, low waisted pants, etc. are okay on other women, but not yours. Do you think she appreciates you checking out other women who wear halter tops and short shorts...I can't name too many women who like their man to check out other women. So, if she quits wearing halter tops and low waisted , you quit checking out other women wearing halter tops and short shorts!!

If she has a ring on her finger, she's commited to you and only you and yes, this does have to do with trust. The reason a man gets angry and jealous is a. b/c he needs to grow up (i'm not trying to slam you at all so plz. don't take it that way b/c I know nothing about you) and b. b/c he doesn't have trust and thinks the one he love is capable of being tempted away from him.

Instead of asking how you can receive help to get her to dress more conservatively, maybe you should be asking for ways of coping with the person your girlfriend is and embracing all of her and how she presents herself. No matter what a woman wears, if she's hot, she'll get checked out and you should be proud!!
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