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Default Hi everyone I\'m Promo~ Question about eating a variety of foods

Hi all. since this is my first post i thought i'd introduce myself
my name is promo. 24 years-old. taiwanese.
currently living in taiwan (a small island beside china :P )
stats: 162cm and 54kg and 20%bf
workout: weight 5x/week and cardio 20min3x/week
main goal: fat loss

i have a huge problem with eating a variety of food
i don't have a kitchen so i eat out always
the choices are all traditional chinese foods such as rice, chow-men, chicken feet, pork ears, tofu to mention a few.
basically almost everything is stir fryed (plus tons of soya sauce lol)
eliminating all the foods that are taboo (from what i've learned from tom venuto's ebook "burn the fat feed the muscle")
i'm left with very few choices: salad, hard-boiled eggs, chicken drums, sashimi (raw fish -> japanese food), wholewheat toast.
(btw i have whey and flaxseed oil).

i'm contemplating whether i should
1) just make do with those few food choices...but is it gonna be unhealthy in the long run?
2) make my diet less strict and just aim for a general calorie deficit?

anywayz. this problem is really troubling me (since i moved back to taiwan from canada).
hope i'm not wasting anybody's time.
would really appreciate any advice!^^ thx