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Default Re: The return of Superbilt

4/12/05 back/bis/abs
chins-6,6,6 (blah)
1 arm db rows-50*10,10,10
lat pd-70*12,80*12,12
t-bar rows-50*12,11,10

db curls-27.5*10,10,10
hammer curls-20*12,12
1 arm preacher curls-15*12
cable cruls-40*20

ab pulldown-60*20,60*20,70*20
laying leg raises-15,15,15 (i love this, destroys my lower abs)
rocky situps-12, held ball for next two sets 12,12

cardio treadmill 20mins
2mins at 4.0
3mins at 7.0
2mins at 4
3 mins at 7
2mins at 4
3mins at 7
2mins at 4
3mins at 7

80 fks
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