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oh u r very right with the numbers but i didnt mention that on the leg curl and ext i use very slow reps and emphasis the peak contraction of the movement. also i lost a lot and i mean a lot of lowerbody strength from not lifting for almost a year. i'm not worrried tho i will get it back i just have to be careful because my legs grow easily when i lift real heavy and i have to run a lot and i dont need that slowing me down. thanx for the comments trackbunny.

db milt press-60*8,8,6
front bd raises-20*12,12,12
db shurgs-65*12,12,12
1arm side lateral db -17.5*12,12,12
seated db shrugs-40*12,12,12
rear laterals-20*10,10,10

bb wristcurls/reverse (superset)-50*25/25

played basketball a little bit and 5mins on treadmill

24 pushups
76fks (ppl look at me weird when i do fks lol if they only knew)
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