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Default BB Cheesecake

Hey everyone, check this out, this is what i baked last night:
BB cheesecake - by RAD (i modified the recipe, and it's CARBLESS)well almost, few G of carbs, thats it.

20 eggs
1kg of farmers cheese (about 2.2 LB) ( i use fat free Frmers cheese)

1.5-2 cups of splenda (cooking splanda - the flaky one)

separate yolks and whites. Dump yolks into the bowl, set the robot for med-low, and strt mixing, once mixed, start adding F.Cheese - previously ground through meat grinder, once added, start beating the egg whites until foamy, start adding that "foam" to the main mix. Once everything is mixed just pour into baking pan(big one) and bake for 1hr at 370 F. Once baked let it stand few hours. You can also make chocolate icing - 1 stick of butter, few tbsp of splenda and few tbsp of cocoa mix.
A feast...

Cottage cheese can be used instead of Farmers cheese - just drain the curds, rinse with water, and let it drain again.
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