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Default Re: triple steve\'s super training journal!!

my meal schedule will consist of something basically like this:

8:15 AM: Up, combination of 4 bowls cereal (vector and oatmeal crisp with almonds) and 500ml milk, and a piece of fruit to go. School till 12:00

12:00 PM: Large plate of pasta for lunch (my favorite [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]), tall glass of milk and fruit.

1:30 PM: Sandwhiches how many i can stomach, peanut butter or whatever i can find in the house. 2 glasses water/juice. Piece of fruit. School again till 3:30

3:30 PM: PRE WORKOUT! Sugar cereal, with milk, or something i can find around the house. Again, in largest quantity possible. Also a few glasses of milk/water/juice. 5 g. Creatine, with lots of water.


6:00PM: Supper, main meal of day, stuff to the brim of whatever mommy makes for me. LOL i love living at home!! (emphasis on the meats). 40g Whey Protein Shake with 16 oz. Milk.

9:00PM: SNACK! whatever i can find, whatevers healthy yet delicious. 2 Glass water.

11:00PM: bedtime! Chow down on leftovers from supper, or just a sandwhich or somethin to keep me stuffed to the brim. Easy on the water though, i want a good sleep!

This schedule will remain kindof the same, altering whatever works for me as i progress.

"Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody want to move no heavy-([---]) weights!"
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