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<font color="red">The Easy Egg White Sandwich </font>

<font color="purple">Here is an easy protein packed sandwich that can easily be made at work or at home. </font>

<font color="blue">
2 Wh. Wheat Bread 200 10 32 3
10 Egg Whites 160 40 - -
2 Tbsp Miracle Whip 30 - 6 -
Totals: 390 50 38 3 </font>

<font color="purple">To prepare this Easy Egg White Sandwich simply take 10 egg whites and put them in a microwavable safe tupperware style container and microwave for 5-7 minutes or until fluffy and cooked. Allow the egg whites to cool for a few minutes and extract them from the bowl in one or two whole pieces by taking a spoon or knife and seperating half of the cooked whites. Spread 2 tablespoons of Fat Free Miracle Whip on Two Slices Of Whole Wheat Bread and add the whites to the sandwich preperation. Season with pepper or eat as it. If you are at home, to make this even better, toast the bread with some butter flavored cooking spray until lightly crisp. </font>
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