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> 1000 calories meal by Vladde


Ingridients: pasta, chicken breasts, spices (whatever you like), crushed tomatos, cheese (low-fat or not is up to you), champinions, onion, carrot, ananas and paprika.

1: Chop chicken breats and steak them in olive oil or cooking spray. I never used the second one, but it seems to be pretty popular i USA. When they are slightly brown on one side, turn them over, reduce the heat a bit and put in chooped 1/2 chopped onion, spices, crushed tomatoes (around 200g), champinions, paprika and ananas. Make sure they are well spread over the chickenbreats. Mix stuff back and forth.

2: Start cooking pasta, don't overcook it. When it's done release it from the water and put in the middle of your "mix". Chop cheese (I think I used 50g) and put it over the pasta, so that it covers most of it. Turn the hit off and let it stay for 3-5 minutes.

3: EAT! Pasta will have an incredible taste of cheese, man. I can also suggest to maybe use some chili-sous to addition of crushed tomatos and if you don't like the taste of steaked ananas, eat them fresh with the chicken! It might sound a little bit weird, but they give it an incredible taste.

It's up to you how much of what you want, but I ate for over 1000 cals from this meal only...


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