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Today was a good workout the pump in my chest was great...I decided to take Yu's workout and change it up a little bit so here is wut i did...Workout took 58 min.

Bench Barx25/135x15/155x12/165x10/180x6/135x12/95x20 (Flex 30 sec. btwn. each set)
Flat DB Bench 35x10/35x8/35x6 (static hold for 30 sec. each set and 20 sec. of fascia stretching per side btwn. sets)
Inc. DB ss/Inc DB Flyes 30x12;12/30x10;10/30x8;8/30x6;6
Inc. Pushups 15/12/8/6/4/8/10

Well that's it for today may do cardio and abs later and will post calorie totals for day later on tonight