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Default JamesErlJonesLuv\'s Cut (Comments Appreciated)

Well This is my second try at this since I strained my hamstring a week ago I decided to take the week off and just start over since i was only in my first week so here we go again...

17 y/o
13% BF

Ok I will be using the 13 week Diet but not the workouts for the first 3 weeks i will be taking in an average of 2225 cals unless i need to adjust. My diet will be pretty much the same from day to day and is as follows

Whey 110/1.5/3/23
1/2 cup oatmeal 150/3/27/5
3 egg whites 45/0/0/9
Totals: 305/4.5/30/37

Unsalted Peanuts 170/14/6/7
Rave's Protein Bar 220/10/15/20
Totals: 390/24/21/27

Whole Wheat Bread 180/2/36/8
Turkey 80/4/0/11
Salad 15/0/3/1
Just 2 Good Italian Dressing 35/2/4/0
Bottle Of Water
Totals: 310/8/43/20

Brown Rice 170/1.5/34/4
Tuna 90/1/0/20
1 TBSP Natty 95/8/3.5/4
5g Creatine
Green Tea
Bottle Of Water
Totals: 355/10.5/37.5/28

Whey 110/1.5/3/23
Gatorade 125/0/35/0
5g Creatine
5g Glutamine
400 IU Vitamin E
Totals 235/1.5/38/23

Chicken 260/6/22/28
Salad 15/0/3/1
Dressing 35/2/4/0
Green Tea
Totals 310/8/29/29

Snack (if hungry)
Unsalted Peanuts 170/14/6/7

30 Min Be4 Shake ZMA

Whey 110/1.5/3/23
Natty 1 TBSP 95/8/3.5/4
Cottage Cheese 110/4.5/6/11
5g Glutamine
Totals: 315/14/12.5/38

Daily Totals: 2390/84.5/217/209
That's Approx. 31.8%/36.3%/34.9%

Well Guess it's time to go lift now I will post the workout later