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Default Nathaniel\'s Journal

I've been lurking here for quite some time reading the boards and articles. I've finally decided to post beginning with a journal. Hopefully it'll keep me motivated to continue. All comments and suggestions are, of course, appreciated.

Format: Reps X Weight

Leg Day:
Squats - 10x265 9x255 5x255 I was kind of dissatisfied with my form on the first two sets. I needed to go about an inch or two lower.

Leg Extensions - 11x185 + Static @ 30 sec. x 155
9x180 + Static @ 25 sec. x 155
9x180 + Static @ 20 sec. x 145

Hack Squats - 8x95 7x95 8x85

Every set above this included fascia stretching for approximately 30 seconds. After about the first stretch I can easily go all the way back until my head touches the floor. Does this mean I have plenty of room within the fascia? Should I keep doing the stretching?

BB Lunges - 12x95 12x95 10x105 10x105
I probably could have used more weight on these but I had never done them before.

DB Walking Lunges - 21x35s 19x35s
I really liked these! Again, I could have done more. The rep count is total lunges for both legs.

Lying Leg Curls - 10x140

Standing Calf Machine S.S. Reverse Calf Raises
340x16 S.S. BWx18
320x15 S.S. BWx15
280x17 S.S. BWx16
260x17 S.S. BWx16
260x15 S.S. BWx17

This is the first time I've trained calves in a higher rep range. When I did the reverse calf raises I varied the resistance by changing how far my feet were hanging off the platform.

I might post diet tommorow if I have time.
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