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Well well well! It isa the 13th I had to take more days off for my back than I thought but today was a good day. I did a light back workout and a good arm workout.

Lat pulls- 110/10 120/10 130/10 140/10
Front pulls- 90/10 100/10 110/10 120/10
Seated Rows- 120/10 130/10 140/10 150/8
Bent over DB Rows- 45/10 45/10 50/8 50/8

Seated preacher curls-Double drop set- set 1- 85/10 70/12 55/10 set 2- 85/10 70/10 55/10 set 3- 85/8 65/10 50/8
Incline hammer curls-Super Set with regular incline Curls
set 1-30/8ea 30/9ea set 2- 30/8ea 25/7ea set 3- 25/10ea 25/6ea
1 arm cable curls-Single drop set- (35/10ea 30/10ea)X3
Straight Bar cable curls (35/10)X3
All and all a pretty good day. Feels like my strength is coming back as well.
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