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Well another good day i can only hope that all my workouts are this good. Workout took about 45 min.

(Flex 30 Seconds Btwn Each Set)
BB Curls/Rev BB Curls Barx20/12,Barx20/12
BB Curls 90x5/90x5/80x10/70x15
Hammer Curls/Rev. Curls/Wrist Curls 30x10/Barx10/30x10
" " 30x9/Barx9/30x9
" " 30x8/Barx8/30x8
" " 30x7/Barx7/30x7
" " 30x6/Barx6/30x6
" " 30x5/Barx5/30x5
Iron Crosses 10x12/10x12/10x12

Thanks To Weapon X for this insane workout