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Default Re: Journey to the Ms. Galaxy: Where a Hard Woman Is Good To Find!

My workout split for the next few weeks will be as follows:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: quads, abs
Wednesday: biceps, triceps
Thursday: rest
Friday: back, chest, shoulders, abs
Saturday: hamstrings, calves
Sunday: biceps, triceps, abs

Tues, Thurs, and/or Sat is martial arts
Wed and Sun is track time


close stance squats ss w/ calves *all butt to floor*
45# x 8/ bw x 8 2 sets
75 x 12
95 x 12
135 x 6
95 x 25 rest paused
75 x ? 5 sec descend, pause at parallel, butt to floor, pause at parallel again, 5 sec ascend

leg press
435# x 12
345 x 15
255 x 16
165 x 25

1-leg press
75# x8 per leg 3 sets

70# x 15
85 x 8
100 x 8 drop 55 x? drop 40 x?

oblique crunch 3 sets 25 reps
twisting crunch 3 sets 20 reps

I started off weak but finished strong. I only rested 30-60 seconds between sets if not less.

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