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Felt Good Today and set a new max so any day I can do that it is a good day. Workout took about 55 min

Inc. Bench Barx20/120x12/130x10/150x9/170x4/180x1 (New Max)
Inc. DB 35x10/35x10/35x10 (Heaviest Dumbells I Have So to counteract that I have Very short rest periods for these 3 sets)
Inc. DB DropSet 35x11/30x16/20x26
Flat Bench Flyes 30x12/30x12/30x12
Wide Grip PushUps 30

Well That's It For Today will try and do some cardio later and maybe ab's. For now it is time for my PWO Shake and a nice long bath. Later on will post calorie totals maybe each meal depending how much time i have and anything else that went wrong with my diet for the day.