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Ok Thursdays Worok out.

This week is a week back in the gym so no super setting or shocking this week. A week off for spring break.

Well today workout started well enough but ended up bad. Hurt my back because my partner collapse and I had to hold up the bar in squat luckly I was done with squats. So I pained my way through the rest of legs and shoulders.

Weak legs due to ankle problems and knee problems
Squat- 225/10 275/10 285/10 295/8
Leg extensions- 140/10 150/10 160/10 170/10
Standing Calf Raises- 200/10 220/10 230/10 240/10
Leg Curls- 100/10 110/10 120/7 120/5

Bad shoulder as well.
Military Press- 100/10 120/10 130/10 140/9
Side Lateral- 25/10 25/10 30/10 30/9
Front Raises- 25/10 25/10 30/8 30/8
Bentover laterals- 35/10 35/ 35/10 35/10

All in all a bad day.
Need to go up in Leg extension, calf raises, military press, side laterals, front raises, and Bent over laterals.
Tomorrow start back super setting and real workout if my back can handle it.
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