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Did a good tricep workout at baseball on Saturday


Bi's, Back, Delts

BB Curl- 70x6-8x3
Seated DB Twist Curls-25x6-8x3
Preacher Bar Curls- 20 on each sidex6-8x2 Then one set of a pyramid burnout adding 5's

Reverse Grip BB rows- 95x6-8x3
Seated Cable Row- 90x12x2, 100x12
DB BO Rows- 35x12, 35x10x2

DB military Press ss/ DB Lateral Raises- 30x8/15x8, 35x8/12x3

Plate Shrugs- 45x12
Machine Shrugs- 2 45's each sidex15x2
Plate Shrugs- 45x12

Delts were fried after this, I did bi's first this workout to mix things up, I like working them after back though. Next workout im going to do back, delts, bi's, then traps in that order. For delts I will drop the superset and do 3 exercises and some rear delt/rotator work. Workout was about an hour and 15 minutes, pretty good I thought.

I can't do preacher curls on the preacher bench so I just used the bar, I can't feel them that good on the preacher bench. Im going ot use the reverse grip on the BB rows for a little bit, it felt a lot different then the overhand grip. I gotta get some lats though. My back is very defined and ripped, but no width at all.