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I guess my "break-fast" was just a glass of OJ right before working out. Then after the workout I didn't have anything to eat immediately. I had a meal 45 min. after working out. Probably too long to wait after an intense workout. I've tried the PWO shake before and felt way too jittery. So a happy medium like what you do sounds like it will work for me too. I will definitely try the 4 oz of fruit.

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Yes, that is definitely too long to wait. Also have some protein before your workout. That will feed your muscles and pull them out of the catabolic state they've been in overnight. You definitely will want protein wtih every meal. The OJ actually isn't too bad, but an actual orange is better (try to shoot for 15g to 20g of carbohydrates in your fruit or fruit juice). Just be sure you have something like oatmeal with it if it is a weight workout you will be doing.

Thanks for the input! Tomorrow is pay day so I will be able to get some Udo's or flax oil. I've been using Kraft Ranch dressing with has no trans fats and some Omega 3 & 6, but the third ingredient is sugar so I'm not completely happy about that. But I think it's helping me to get some good fats in. And my body is responding already to the better eating. :-)

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That is great to hear about your body feeling better. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img]

Let me know how the Udo's is, if you get that. I'm a little [img]/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] about he Kraft Ranch Dressing, because of the sugar, but it's definitely better than nothing. You can try an olive oil and vinegar blend, too. That is very good. ^_^