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Default Re: The split

Haha, yeah, it is quite a bit of protein, the highest I have ever gone anyway. I have had pretty good success with similar diets, I have done a fair bit of experimenting in my day and this should work pretty well for me. Keep in mind a good bit of that protein is from my carbs sources.

I forgot to mention that I sometimes substitute veggies for the bread, or mix and match.

I do use a lot of whey (not quite 5 pounds a week, maybe 2.5 haha) but from what I have read this method I am applying is pretty effective. So I am just testing it out. If I don't feel like I am leaning out you can be sure protein will be the first place I cut a bit away from, since there is so darn much here!

I will look into egg whites. I am pretty limited right now, if I can't grill it or microwave it, it ain't happening. No over, no burners! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]