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Default Re: Journey to the Ms. Galaxy: Where a Hard Woman Is Good To Find!

Hi ******!

First, I switch up quite often on my legs. Sometimes (usually) I do the squats and/or leg presses then on to others. But sometimes I do a day of nothing but squats, sometimes a day of nothing but extensions and sometimes a day starting off with extensions and ending with squats. It depends on what I see I need to bring out more while looking in the mirror. Last week I worked on my sweep.

Today I pre-exhausted my quads before super setting squats. I had a strong day and went with it.
As for the vertical leg press, they are much easier for me to do than the 45 degree leg press because I can't go down all the way hence my short legs, so I decided to do a giant burn out set to make sure my quads were totally fried at the end. And they were....

And of course, it depends if someone is on a machine/power rack or not. I'll do something else till they are done.

Does that answer your question? [img]/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

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