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I've been following your journal since you started it. You need to get those pics up girl so we can tell you what your weakness is before your comp...if you have any that is!

<font color="purple"> </font> i have been trying to post a pic last night, but i cannot get it to work. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] i will keep trying though. it was good for me to take some pics, it really does help to see the weaker parts.

pushups with 1 arm on incline at a time then switching
10 per side
then drop to knees and tweak out a few more till I couldn't lift my body again.

<font color="purple"> </font> i need to do some of these to practice for the 1-arm push-up. wow.

I was going to go to the track and do some sprints this evening, but my hamstrings are still sore from yesterday. It's starting to snow but I may still go and just jog a few laps.
I had another great time at the jailhouse doing Ju-Jitsu yesterday. We worked on chokes and neck cranks. We've been studying Bas Rutten's books and videos. He's a bada$$. I just participate because it's good for a woman to know this stuff. They do it because they get in those barbaric cage fights.

i have always wanted to take a self-defense class.

Tomorrow is a rest day and couldn't come at a better time.

[/ QUOTE ]

Enjoy ur day off!