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Default Re: Journey to the Ms. Galaxy: Where a Hard Woman Is Good To Find!

10yrdream, not many people know about the Galaxy, probably because it's only held in a few places. I've tried to compete in fitness competitions locally and about a week before I would cave in and break my diet. There's a Galaxy competition coming up in Plano, Texas in April I am going to. I'm still thinking if I should wing it and test it out or not. But I'm not sure if you have to qualify for this one or not. Most you have to.
I've been following your journal since you started it. You need to get those pics up girl so we can tell you what your weakness is before your comp...if you have any that is!

Sunday - chest, triceps

bench press 1 set 45# x 16
bench press to chin 1 set 45# x 15

working sets:
75# x 10
75# x 8 to chin
95# x 10
95# x 6 to chin

DB incline press:
25# x 17
40# x 5 last 2 assisted
drop 30# x 6
drop 25# x 6
drop 20# x 6 stretch w/ 20# for 1 minute (OUCH)

pec-deck 1 arm crossovers:
3 sets (switching arms, back to back) 55# x 10

behind back cable presses:
90# x 15
110# x 10
130# x 8 (I was shaking on these but still squeezed them out)

front wide grip cable presses: 1 drop set
70# x 12
60# x ?
50# x ?
40# x ?
30# x ?
20# x ?

overhead bent over cable extensions:
2 sets (nice and slow) 40# x 10

push-ups with 1 arm on incline at a time then switching
10 per side
then drop to knees and tweak out a few more till I couldn't lift my body again.

I was going to go to the track and do some sprints this evening, but my hamstrings are still sore from yesterday. It's starting to snow but I may still go and just jog a few laps.
I had another great time at the jailhouse doing Ju-Jitsu yesterday. We worked on chokes and neck cranks. We've been studying Bas Rutten's books and videos. He's a bada$$. I just participate because it's good for a woman to know this stuff. They do it because they get in those barbaric cage fights.

Tomorrow is a rest day and couldn't come at a better time.

Being strong is like being a lady, if you have to continually tell people you are, you really aren't.