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Default Re: Journey to the Ms. Galaxy: Where a Hard Woman Is Good To Find!

Saturday- Hamstrings

I was feeling a little weak when I first got there but it ended up being a descent workout.

leg press-ft high
2 sets just sled (75#) x 15
ss calve press 2 sets 75# x 15
*I asked the owner how much the sled weighed and he told me 75, I always thought it was 45.

leg press working sets(seat all the way back)
17 x 165#
16 x 255#
14 x 345#
8 x 435 last 3 assisted (I'm still feeling a little weak)

drop set:
14 x 345#
16 x 255#
25 x 165#
51 x 75#

continuous grip SLDL on incline:
13 x 75# (didn't rest enough before doing these)
10 x 95#
5 x 145#

17 x 75# and held in bottom position for a fabulous stretch for 1 minute.

leg curls: next 3 sets are done with lifting hips at 90 degree angle and holding for 5 secs. So it's 2 movements for each rep. Boy, these killed!
3 sets 12 x 30#

6 negatives x 125#
then rep out with drop set each to failure
? x 65#
? x 50
? x 40
? x 30
? x 20
? x 10
I got to the point where I couldn't even lift the 10#. I couldn't do cardio even if I wanted to. I could barely walk.

30 minutes partner assisted stretching.

I had a young woman come up to me after the deadlifts and tell me I had the best legs she has ever seen on a woman and asked what I did for them cause she wants them. When I told her, she had a shocked look on her face. She said she didn't want to be as big as her boyfriend and walked away. These poor young women. Not all, but some still think you can't lift heavy and if you do you'll be "big". If only I knew what I know now when I was in high school.

Being strong is like being a lady, if you have to continually tell people you are, you really aren't.