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Thanks VX - appreciate the local welcome - - -

Guess since this is a journal I should say something about my workout last night. Since I have a long commute, I generally do my resistance stuff after work and cardio early in the a.m. Have been working on beefing up the home gym for several weeks now and am really happy with it. I like the extra motivation you get with a gym membership, but I really like the flexibility of working out at home. Have a training partner that helps keep me motivated too.

Anyway, last night was upper body night. I'm currently back to a straight bench (which has always been weak for me - my tri's give out quicker than my chest for some reason and it's tough to work my chest). I'm doing six sets, the last two are burnouts - the highest intensity is only 115 pounds at 12 reps right now. Shoulders went great - I upped the weight by ten pounds per set this week, which was a lot, but I can feel it this morning, which is cool. Also having a hard time working my back - managed to make it sore last week, but so far nothing from last night. Upped my weight on triceps this round by five pounds (they are really growing) ... and biceps are also rockin and rollin. Somehow I've added two inches to my arms since Jan. 1. Getting pretty close to 16" on the bicep.

I finished putting together a new dumbbell rack last night. Have hex dumbbells from 10-70 lbs. at 5 lb. increments. It cost quite a bit (though Dick's is running a great sale for $.33/lb. right now) ... but I totally LOVE having access to these. Cleared out one side of the basement so half is office and half is gym ... have a bench, ellipical, mat, and dumbbells over there. Set up a TV and stereo to keep the tunes rollin.

Wasn't able to get my butt outta bed this morning so I'll have to do cardio tonight - hate it when that happens (haven't done that in over a month now, which is cool). Glad that spring is here and I can get outside more now.

Later -
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