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Default Mike\'s Daily Journal - Anyone Welcome

Ok - Time to let the world in on my training/nutrition. Feel free to criticize, compliment, flame or comment. Love the constructive atmosphere on this site - so glad I found it. Really enjoying the chance to learn from each of you out there - - -

My story: as a kid I tended to be chunky till I hit puberty, then got tall and lean. Maintained that through age 25. Living in NYC from age 18-25, fitness was fairly easy. Did a lot of running over lunch hour, lifted regularly, etc., but never really made gains. Never 'got' the nutrition angle, but still looked good. Moved back to the midwest in '95, where access to food and no access to a gym prompted a weight gain. Gained about 50 pounds, then lost it a couple of years back doing a couple of Body for Life challenges. Then my dad suddenly had a heart attack last year and died four days later. Triggered emotional eating, I guess, and I opted for fast food. Put the 50 back on and then some. So stupid because at this point I really knew how to eat but just didn't do it for whatever reason. I decided that this year I would make a permanent change in my habits - I'm 34 now and its time to eat like a big boy. So at the turn of the year I went back on the program, this time with some really great results.

So far I've lost over 30 pounds of fat and my belt is up five notches from when I started. My workouts have steadily improved and I have not had a week when I have not added weight in the resistance training. Got discouraged about three weeks ago because I wasn't seeing any progress on the scale, but I was patient and I'm glad because in those three weeks I've seen more muscle popping out of my arms and legs than I've EVER seen before. And the waist continues to shrink. Here's the routine:


Mon: upper body (chest, shoulders, back, tri's, bi's)
Tue: 20 min. HIIT on elliptical
Wed: lower body (quads, hams, calves, abs)
Thu: 20 min HIIT on elliptical
Fri: upper body
Sat: 20 min HIIT (running)
Sun: off

The following week I start Mon with lower body and alternate the schedule so that it's opposite the week before. I switch out the exercises for body parts every month to six weeks to keep the body guessing (or switch from straight bar to dumbbells, etc). Starting April 3rd, I'm planning to start the 12 week fat loss workout program here on ABC, which rocks.


6 meals a day, rain or shine
Breakfast: egg beaters or five egg whites + one whole egg, oatmeal or seven grain cereal, water, take the vitamins
Mid-morning: low carb protein bar (like to keep this 300 cals or just under)
Lunch: healthy choice or smart ones meal (with over 25g of protein) and some greens
Mid-afternoon: Myoplex or Met-Rx shake
Dinner: portion of protein (chicken breast, fish, turkey, non-complex carb (whole wheat eng. muffin or toast), natty pb, and lotsa veggies, creatine on resistance days
Evening: Myoplex or protein shake and simple carb drink for post-workout days or a cup of 1% cottage cheese


I use creatine mono, protein shakes (Myoplex, Met-Rx and GNC protein), multi-vitamins, a daily aspirin, vitamin C, vitamin E, an ECA stack (sorry, but it works great for me), aminos, and calcium.

Sorry this is so long - I am feeling phenomenal these days. Can't wait for summer - - - and really can't wait for this time next year when I'll be seriously cut. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/cool.gif[/img]
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