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Default Journey to the Ms. Galaxy: Where a Hard Woman Is Good To Find!

I'm going to the Ms. Galaxy championships that is held in October. It involves a fitness challenge, obstacle course and swimwear. And what better place to track my progress!
The fitness challenge involves:
Pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, standing long jump, shuttle run, jump rope, and box step. It will be 6 out of that 8 all timed to how many you can do in 1 minute. I have no clue how they count jump ropes.

This is where I'm currently at:
30 years old
124 lbs
bf ?
Pull-ups: 7 chin above bar, 4 halfs
Push-ups: 33
Dips: 5 full, 3 halfs
400M(1 lap around track): 2:02
sit-ups: ?

And this is where I'm going:
118-120 lbs
bf 7-9%
Pull-ups: 20
Push-ups: 50
400m: 1:00
sit-ups: at least 51

I've been weight training for well over 10 years practically injury free. I've always had a problem with dieting. I never met a Krispy Creme I didn't like! But the last couple of days I've been cleaning up my diet somewhat and boy has my energy just gone thru the roof!
I follow the 2 days on, 1 off, 3 days on, 1 off workout.

My current split is:
Monday: rest
Tuesday: quads
Wednesday:Back, Biceps
Thursday: rest
Friday: shoulders
Saturday: Hamstrings
Sunday: chest, triceps
*abs, calves and cardio are thrown in as needed.
Tues and/or Thurs and/or Sat is Ju-Jitsu/kickboxing
Wed and/or Sun is track time weather permitting.

I have a couple more pics to put up either later today or tomorrow. Don't have a great one for the back but I will put up what I have and get some flexing ones in the coming weeks.
Any and all comments, criticisms are most definitely welcome!

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