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okay, here's whats been happening since I last updated. I was home for reading week from school and was continuing the Zane Blitz on the chest, but ended up straining my lower back, mostly due to a couple bad sleeps, but not helped by some bad bench pressing. I think I was arching my back, something I usually don't do, but after all that chest work for over a week I guess I just got sloppy and my already weakened spinal erectors gave way. So anyway I took the remainder of the week off to just heal everything. Even still I made decent progress on my chest and the shape has definitely improved. Not a lost cause.

As of Monday I've been back on and my training has never been better or more hardcore. The split I'm going with right now looks like this:

day 1 - biceps, triceps, calves
day 2 - quads, hams
day 3 - delts, traps
day 4 - posing
day 5 - back, forearms
day 6 - chest, abs

I'm not sure if I'm gonna update after each workout right now. I weight just over 182 and I want to hit 195 by the end of April. Really tough goal but if I don't set the bar high I won't even get close. I think it'll actually be possible to do it, there seems to be new life in my workouts and my muscles are definitely responding! Just under 2 months to hit my goal. It will be done.
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