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Heres my situation Piz. Im at DeVry (a tech school, no sports) and im leaving that school after this semester ends (Feb 28th) and im going back home for about 6 months. Im going to look for a JC to go to, study kinesiology, and play football for them for about 2 years, in which time I will develop quite a bit. After that, im hoping to get a scholarship to a major university and maybe play some D-1 ball! Its a big goal, but I have no doubt in my mind that with the proper mindset, dedication, and insanely hard work, I can attain that goal, and go even further.

Oh yeah, about my abs, right now I need to build up to the point where I can get plenty of reps (30-40) before I start adding the weight. I will definitely take your advice when the time is right.

Oh yeah, im thinking D-Line and O-Line.
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