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Default Re: The only thing stronger than me is my mind...

Alright, said to hell with going out with people late tonight and worked out!

<font color="red"> Chest </font>

Decline Barbell Bench Press - 45x20, 115x10, 135x8, 185x4 (5 second peak contraction) drop set 135x4 (5 second peak contraction)

Incline Dumbbel Bench Press - 40x8, 40x8 (slow negatives, 5 second peak contraction on final rep)

Pec Deck - 77x10, 77x10, 77x10 (slow negatives)

Chest Dips - 10 reps, 8 reps

<font color="red"> Calves </font>

Calf Leg Press - 270x10, 270x10

Seated Calf Raise - #8x10, #9x10, #10x5 drop #9x5 drop #8x5 drop #7x5

<font color="red"> Chest </font>

Chest Dips - 10 reps

stretching and flexing between every set.. lots of most musculars tonight!
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