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Default Re: The only thing stronger than me is my mind...

Second half of the arms workout that was cut short last night...

<font color="red"> Triceps </font>

Close Grip Bench Press - 73x20, 93x10, 103x8, 113x6

Skull Crushers - 73x10, 83x8, 93x6

Dips - 8 reps, 7 reps

Angle Bar Pushdown - 50x10, 50x8, 50x7

Engorged the tris with a ton of blood, did dips for the first time and loved em. They killed me and I'm looking forward to them next time! Hopefully my workouts can get back to normal now but at the same time, these shortened workouts have been just as intense for me as any other and my diet is working well!

edit: entered the wrong weights for the first two exercises.. cleared up now
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