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hey man nice journal
You should keep track of what you eat too, I just started and id have to say its sort of rewarding looking at it after seeing how many meals youve consumed from the day. Oh and if youre not taking dextrose and maltodextrin in your PWO shake I definetly reccomend it. I just started the other day and it tastes awesome and im sure youve read the window of opportunity on how good it is foryou. well good luck!

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thanks bro, yeah I've read the Window... I don't know why I don't take it to be honest. I'm going to get on that. I used to keep track of my diet but because of how hectic everything is for me right now its been tough. I have a really good idea of what I need to eat to consume the proper amount of calories and protein, but maybe once things calm down in a couple weeks after midterms I'll post what I can, be it one day a week just for a snapshot, or more if I can. Thanks for stoppin' by!
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