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Default The only thing stronger than me is my mind...

Hey everyone, my name's Andrew... I wasn't going to start a journal yet because I'm on a dirty bulk as I'm away at school but my buddy Patty Cak there inspired! The school I'm at actually has really good healthy food choice on the whole, but my metabolism is so fast that I need a good 5000 calories a day to bulk right now so I'm not picky with foods like KFC where I can get the carbs and protein but not worry about fat too much. I still eat tons of healthy foods and keep my body in a good anabolic state. (And yeah I'm a big Lee Priest fan despite having a completely different body structure!) Due to my fast metabolism I lean out very quickly so my plan of action is as follows:

January - end of April: full on bulk
May - onward: cut for summer and go into competition shape for one week to experiment for the future.

Quick History: Started training April of 2002 but with minimal results as I worked out in my basement while I started to gain knowledge. Come last September however, I got into my school gym and bam, with the help of this site, and the 24 Workout Mass Blitz, I got my newbie gains. Went from 160 to 180 really fast and transformed my shape with minimal fat gain. Still making slow but steady good gains, and starting to think I've got some decent genetics despite being a hardgainer for so long. You should have seen me before! Every workout I perform is one better than the last.

Stats (as of Jan. 24th):

height: 6'0"
weight: 180lb.
bf%: around 12%
arms: 14.5"
forearms: 13"
chest: 40"
waist: 33.5"
thighs: 23"
calves: 15"

gonna put pics up in the next week.

Here's the split:

day 1 - biceps, triceps, forearms, abs
day 2 - quads, hams, calves
day 3 - off
day 4 - chest, delts, calves
day 5 - back, traps, forearms, abs
day 6 - 30 min. posing

sometimes the muscles like abs and calves and forearms change based on how I'm feeling and what I think could use work.


Mammoth 2500 Weight Gainer
WheyFX Protein Blend
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Omega 3-6-9 EFAs
Glucosamine Sulfate/Chondroitin
Caffeine pills (only if I feel I need them for a morning workout which isn't too often, but they're there ready)
Creatine (as of Feb. 10th)


1. Increase lbm about 10 lbs. on this bulk and whatever fat comes with it is fine. I know I can do it.
2. Increase 4th set squat max of reps from 245 to 305.
3. Increase overall strength. Going to use a strength program soon for probably 2-4 weeks for that purpose and to shock my body.
4. Get my body into competition shape... I'm not gonna put a date on that yet.

comments, critiques, debates, etc. are more than welcome. cheers.
"bodybuilding isn't 90 minutes in a gym; its a way of life" - Lee Priest
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