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Thanks again Patyal

Just to answer your questions... I still have some reading to do. I'm hoping to print a bunch off and take to the Ladies Retreat I'm going to this weekend... we'll see... I may want to spend the time journalling with God.... I love going to the hills and getting away like that. So refreshing! <font color="blue">Sounds great!!! Put the Lord first and read during your free-time [img]/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img] Have fun. </font>

Anyway... to the questions...

I drank the PWO aprox 30 min after my workout. I drank it all at once... I haven't read the article yet <font color="blue"> OK, while you read it do this: Drink 1/4 - 1/2 of the mix immediately after you finish your workout. Sip the rest within the next 30-45 minutes. Just FYI, we have a "window of opportunity" to feed our muscles and avoid catabolism (catabolism = store fat [img]/forum/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img] ) within the 30-45 minutes after workout. There part of the title of the article.</font> .... woa! Did I feel jittery! I put too much sugar in (calculated it wrong) I'll get it down yet. <font color="blue">Yeah, while you are able to get your dextrose/malto, this will be pretty much a "guessing-mistake" thing. You must pay attention to this: If there's no enough sugar you might feel tired or sleepy 45 min - 1 hour after your workout. If you feel nausea or too excited, then it might be too much. </font> It probably wouldn't have been so bad if my workout was in the morning. I usually do my weight lifting after my son goes to bed... so I'm working out after 9 pm.... Can my PWO meal be my last meal of the day too? <font color="red">I don't think that would be optimal. See, the thing is that the whey and simple sugars will be digested within 45 minutes. So if you go to bed after just taking your PWO shake, your stomach will be empty and your body will starve = store fat during sleeping. I'm sure it must be hard to adjust your schedule, but try to make it in a way that you are able to eat 1 hour after you finished your PWO shake. </font>

The protein powder I have is Labrada proV 60. Nutritional Info
<font color="red">I checked it out. Well, it's not a bad protein mix, but girl... you are paying too much for this [img]/forum/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img] You can buy 10lb of the ON for the price of a 3.5lb of this one!! </font>

This morning I mixed in one scoop (30g protein) with my oatmeal. In a week or two (when budget allows) I hope to get some Optimum Whey....

The flaxseed oil is Udo's... I usually just do a shooter with Crystal Light... I've tried to use it as a salad dressing and just can't stomach the taste. I'd prefer to get it over with quick. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img] <font color="red"> Good luck with that [img]/forum/images/graemlins/crazy.gif[/img] </font>

The black beans would be at noon.... okay for the cut off point? <font color="red"> Yes, that works better to burn fat. </font>

As for my maintence ratio.... according to Method 1 = 1974 cals
according to Method 2 my BMR = 2129

now, by taking 1500mg of metformin a day I'm not sure how that plays into things. Even though my blood sugar is naturally okay, I need to take this to prevent cysts from growing. The last time my blood sugar was tested it was around 4 something.. which is low. The Dr. said my body would just need to learn to live on lower blood sugar. I have noticed an improvement in the way that I'm not crashing so much... if I eat every 2-3 hours.... I've been on metformin for about 4 months now so my body is adjusting.
<font color="red"> Well, I'm sorry to hear you have this problem [img]/forum/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img] I don't know about this drug, though. However, considering your sugar levels are naturally fine I'm sure the diet will help you big time. </font>

I am going shopping today. This week the budget is tight so I may just have to wait a week or two to buy the supplements. Right now I'm taking a multivitamin, vitamin C, calcium, glycosamine (for my joints)
I will check out prices though and plan to get some soon. <font color="red">Once you have time to check the 13 weeks article, you'll have a better idea when to take all these different supplements for more advantage. </font>

Would 1 C ff cottage cheese (30g protein), 1 C 1% milk and the dextrose, malto... be okay for a PWO shake/pre bed meal?
<font color="red"> Nope. You need to have your PWO shake by itself, then about 30 min - 1 hour later your pre-bed meal. For pre-bed meal the cottage cheese is great, but drop the milk. Add EFA oils and a leafy green salad and you are all set to go to bed. </font>

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