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Thanks again Patyal

Just to answer your questions... I still have some reading to do. I'm hoping to print a bunch off and take to the Ladies Retreat I'm going to this weekend... we'll see... I may want to spend the time journalling with God.... I love going to the hills and getting away like that. So refreshing!

Anyway... to the questions...

I drank the PWO aprox 30 min after my workout. I drank it all at once... I haven't read the article yet.... woa! Did I feel jittery! I put too much sugar in (calculated it wrong) I'll get it down yet. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if my workout was in the morning. I usually do my weight lifting after my son goes to bed... so I'm working out after 9 pm.... Can my PWO meal be my last meal of the day too?

The protein powder I have is Labrada proV 60. Nutritional Info

This morning I mixed in one scoop (30g protein) with my oatmeal. In a week or two (when budget allows) I hope to get some Optimum Whey....

The flaxseed oil is Udo's... I usually just do a shooter with Crystal Light... I've tried to use it as a salad dressing and just can't stomach the taste. I'd prefer to get it over with quick. [img]/forum/images/graemlins/tongue.gif[/img]

The black beans would be at noon.... okay for the cut off point?

As for my maintence ratio.... according to Method 1 = 1974 cals
according to Method 2 my BMR = 2129

now, by taking 1500mg of metformin a day I'm not sure how that plays into things. Even though my blood sugar is naturally okay, I need to take this to prevent cysts from growing. The last time my blood sugar was tested it was around 4 something.. which is low. The Dr. said my body would just need to learn to live on lower blood sugar. I have noticed an improvement in the way that I'm not crashing so much... if I eat every 2-3 hours.... I've been on metformin for about 4 months now so my body is adjusting.

I am going shopping today. This week the budget is tight so I may just have to wait a week or two to buy the supplements. Right now I'm taking a multivitamin, vitamin C, calcium, glycosamine (for my joints)
I will check out prices though and plan to get some soon.

Would 1 C ff cottage cheese (30g protein), 1 C 1% milk and the dextrose, malto... be okay for a PWO shake/pre bed meal?
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