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Default Re: Dearheart\'s Training Journal ~ Comments Welcome

Hi Paty, <font color="purple">Hi [img]/forum/images/graemlins/laugh.gif[/img] </font>

Thanks for the comments. I've made a note to myself about the lime juice and ZMA. I read the info on ZMA too. I'll have to check out the supplements I'm taking to see if it includes those elements or not. <font color="purple">ZMA (Zinc and Magnesium), must be taken alone 30 minutes before going to bed. You can buy ZMA at Sams (they have a good brand for a decent price) or ordering at various sites in the internet. </font>

There was a bit of critique when I posted my grocery list somewhere...can't remember which thread. Some things I know I can improve on is planning and just getting the meals done. that would be my biggest downfall. When I don't plan the day slips away on me and I excuse myself....
<font color="purple">It's hard at the beginning or having a tight schedule. What I do is to remind myself on the gains I've had by just making the effort to cook my food. That helps me. Also, what I do is to cook badges of food ahead of time. For example I cook 2-3 sweet potatoes at once and refrigerate them, I take them as I need them and just microwave to reheat. They usually stay good for a week. Same thing with chicken, I cook 3-4 breasts and refrigerate them. Make your meal plan on the weekends (or when you have a little more free time) and cook then. You'll see how easy to find more time to cook your food.</font>

here's a planned out day:

meal 1:
2/3 Cup (dry) large flake oatmeal
<font color="purple">- Is this oatmeal kind of processed? Is this just pure oatmeal or is mixed with something? Check the label and see how many carbs and fiber per serving it has. I'm not familiar with it, so wonder how good is it in comparison to the traditional oats.
- Drop the banana. You'll get better results if you don't have any fruit at all.
- Add protein here and have it as soon as you wake up. You can opt for a whey protein shake (which is faster and easier to prepare), or poached egg-whites (2-3).
- Add EFA oils here (Omega 3, 6 or 9). 1/2 tspoon (about 60 cals) minimum.</font>

meal 2:
1 sourdough english muffin
1 large egg, scrambled
1 oz low fat cheddar cheese
<font color="purple">- Drop the muffin. If you have cravings for the bread choose whole-grain bread.
- Add 1 or 2 egg-whites
- Drop the cheese. Lactose makes you hold water
- You need to add leafy greens here. A big spinach or lettuce salad with Olive oil might work.</font>

meal 3:
chicken sandwich (WW bread, light mayo, mustard, low-fat cheese, roasted chicken)OR fat free turkey deli meat
carrots (aprox 3/4 cup)
<font color="purple">- Drop the bread and replace with a sweet potatoe.
- Drop the mayo, is not good during a cut.
- Drop the cheese
- Replace the roasted chicken with a grilled chicken or turkey breast.
- Also any fat free food have added sugars. Choose low fat over fat free to help you in the water retention.
- Avoid any type of deli.
- Carrots OK. Drop the apple.
- Add EFA oils. </font>

meal 4:
1 C. cottage cheese
1-2 TB natty PB
1 C 1%milk (mixed as a shake)
<font color="purple">- Drop the milk.
- What shake is this? Protein shake? </font>

meal 5:
lean cut beef or chicken breast (stir-fry, oven baked or BBQed)
1 cup broccoli, asparagus, canned corn (sodium reduced)or zucchini
brown rice or ww pasta or couscous
<font color="purple">- Oven baked or grilled are good choices to cook meat/poultry/fish. Avoid the stir-fry and bbq
- Good choice of veggies
- Don't have any complex carbs this late of the day. You won't get any benefits but store fat. Complex carbs (like brown rice) must be eaten during the first part of the day (up to midday).
- Pasta is the worst you can have during a cut.
- Add EFA oils

meal 6:
1C cottage cheese
frozen unsweetened strawberries
water (mixed as a shake)
<font color="purple"> I guess this is your pre-bed meal.
- Drop the strawberries
- Again what is this shake?
- Need EFA oils and leafy greens here.
- The cottage cheese is good. </font>

I definitely see some things right away that I can improve on.... my protein intake is least according to BRX standards..... <font color="purple">You are also missing fat (good fats like Omega 3, 6 and 9). EFA oils are your best ally to burn the bad fat. </font> looking at that menu it's about 100-110g protein and I'm supposed to be getting 140. <font color="purple"> Nope. You need 1.5 -2 times your body weight in grams per day. I know most of other methods say 1 gram of protein p/lb of body weight. That's for people in a more sedentary style. As you are lifting make sure to have a minimum of 1.2-1.5 g p/lb of body weight. </font> I had been using a protein powder, but the last few times I've taken it I've gotten real sick...kinda scared to try again. <font color="purple"> What brand is it? </font> i should add some whey powder to the oatmeal... just need to buy the stuff. <font color="purple"> Here are some good sites: and Choose Optimun Nutrition 100% Whey. (check the ingredients and make sure you choose the one with NO fructose) </font>

And I need more veggies for fiber. it's the planning.... it's late and my mind is shutting down... I'll do some more thinking on this tomorrow and plan more...

thanks for keeping me accountable. I'm embarassed at my poor eating... good for me though. I said NO EXCUSES.... I've got to be honest. <font color="purple"> Don't be embarrased. We all start somewhere. The key is to progress [img]/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img] </font>

my jounral is kind of hit and miss right now, but there is a link in my sig if you're interested.

thanks again! <font color="purple"> No problem. </font>

[/ QUOTE ]
<font color="purple">Also: What are you having after you workout?
Have you read "The Window of Opportuniy" article?? If you haven't, do so. It's in the Nutrition section.

Read the article and post a revised diet to see how you adjusted and help you with your calories and macros. Yep... You'll need to start counting calores, grams of Protein, Carbs and Fat.

I've been in a cut for 9 weeks already. Feel free to check my journal if you need some ideas on how to organize your meals or what other options for food you have. There's some advise from Venom there that might help you with your diet. The link to my journal is in my signature. </font>