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Default Re: Dearheart\'s Training Journal ~ Comments Welcome

Hi Paty,

Thanks for the comments. I've made a note to myself about the lime juice and ZMA. I read the info on ZMA too. I'll have to check out the supplements I'm taking to see if it includes those elements or not.

I tried on that dress I want to wear to the Christmas party and I could get away with right now, but it would look even better if it was a bit looser! I didn't realize I was so close!

There was a bit of critique when I posted my grocery list somewhere...can't remember which thread. Some things I know I can improve on is planning and just getting the meals done. that would be my biggest downfall. When I don't plan the day slips away on me and I excuse myself....

here's a planned out day:

meal 1:
2/3 Cup (dry) large flake oatmeal

meal 2:
1 sourdough english muffin
1 large egg, scrambled
1 oz low fat cheddar cheese

meal 3:
chicken sandwich (WW bread, light mayo, mustard, low-fat cheese, roasted chicken)OR fat free turkey deli meat
carrots (aprox 3/4 cup)

meal 4:
1 C. cottage cheese
1-2 TB natty PB
1 C 1%milk (mixed as a shake)
meal 5:
lean cut beef or chicken breast (stir-fry, oven baked or BBQed)
1 cup broccoli, asparagus, canned corn (sodium reduced)or zucchini
brown rice or ww pasta or couscous

meal 6:
1C cottage cheese
frozen unsweetened strawberries
water (mixed as a shake)

I definitely see some things right away that I can improve on.... my protein intake is least according to BRX standards..... looking at that menu it's about 100-110g protein and I'm supposed to be getting 140. I had been using a protein powder, but the last few times I've taken it I've gotten real sick...kinda scared to try again. i should add some whey powder to the oatmeal... just need to buy the stuff.
And I need more veggies for fiber. it's the planning.... it's late and my mind is shutting down... I'll do some more thinking on this tomorrow and plan more...

thanks for keeping me accountable. I'm embarassed at my poor eating... good for me though. I said NO EXCUSES.... I've got to be honest.

my jounral is kind of hit and miss right now, but there is a link in my sig if you're interested.

thanks again!
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