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I hope this is okay, but my journal here has a lot to do with my emotions. My new quote reflects where I am at in a way. I am regretting squandering my time lately...not eating properly, not working out as I need to. It's about priorities. I am praying for the discipline to press forward. I broke through my plateau and gave myself permission to relax on my eating and workouts. i'm still hovering at the 144-145 lbs mark.... but that's unacceptable when I could weigh less right now if i had continued with the discipline.

I lost site of my goals. I lost site of my priorities. I wanted to fit into a dress I have for my husband's Christmas party (Dec. 6) I don't think it's possible anymore. I'm a size 12-14 and the dress is a size 8. To go down 3 dress sizes in a month... is that even possible.... doing it the healthy way?? Regret does weigh a ton.

I read something today about excuses.... excuses are rationalizations (ration lies) I tell myself why I failed this time. I have been doling out a lot of lies to myself.... is getting in shape really that important.. that's the biggest one. My dr. has told me three times now to get to my ideal weight. (I have aprox 15-2o lbs to go) When I confessed this to my husband he looked at me in surprise. To see his face woke me up to the lie I had believed. I was excusing myself. I have been selfish. While I have been enjoying candy and not eating 6 healthy meals and not working out I have been staying at a higher risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes b/c of PCOS. Candy and desserts are not worth it. To see the look in my husband's eyes when I said, "how important is it really for me to get in shape?"... he knows the health risks.... it was the look of suprise and seriousness that I needed to see. I couldn't pretend anymore. It IS a PRIORITY for me to get healthy. It is a priority that I eat well, workout and drink lots of water. I'm not doing this for superficial reasons. I'm doing this for my health, for my husband, for my son.... I will embrace the pain of discipline because it only lasts a moment.... and the results will last a lifetime... I will last longer.... NO MORE EXCUSES. I have declared a fast from all candy and desserts for the month of November. (it was going to be until Thanksgiving.... but no, all of November.) Father God, help me.
Jim Rohn: "We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."

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