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Default Re: Dearheart\'s Training Journal ~ Comments Welcome

Tonight was Chest/Biceps

BB Bench Press
70x6 70x6 70x6
Incline BB Press
55x6 55x6 55x6
Incline DB Flys
22.5x6 22.5x6 22.5x6
DB Bicep Curl
22.5x5 22.5x4 22.5x4
DB Preacher Curl
17.5x6 17.5x4 17.5x3

Biceps seemed really weak today. Still not lifting heavy enough on the chest. I seem to under estimate myself. My shouldr kind of bugged me today so I begin to fear I'll hurt it again... gotta do more stretching and warm ups I guess.

I'm feeling a bit down with my weight and measurements. I've had to start birth control pills to treat my PCOS and I'm retaining water quite a bit. it's discouraging to see the measurements go back up after seeing them melt away. I realize now it was due alot to water... i went of one drug for 2 weeks... the measurements went down... I go on another drug and it comes right back. It's still better than when I started in Sept. Ugh! i will press on. Just 3 months of bcp.

One encouraging thing is that I am definitely stronger than the 1st time around on BRX. I'm glad I kept records of what I was lifting.... I am stronger!
Jim Rohn: "We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."

My journey

28 yrs old
April '03~~~Nov '04
159lbs~~~~~~~~130 lbs
chest 38
waist 37.5"~~~30
hips 42" ~~ 38.5
bicep ~~~~~~~~~12
upper thigh 24"~~~21"