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I'm feeling good today. I believe i can do this. I will see results!

Last night at small group I didn't have any cookies I had an apple! yes! Self-disciple in happening in me. Thank God! it's amazing how having these small successes help me with the next choices. This morning I had the cherrios and Fiber 1 out on the table... thought about it and got out the oatmeal instead... oatmeal, SF syrup, splenda and 1/2 of a banana. I also made myself and egg muffin...egg, sourdough english muffin, low fat cheddar cheese... I thought about butter, but I didn't do it. it is possible for me to make good choices. I'm actually beginning to believe in myself.... with God's grace... the fruit of the Spirit is love, peace....self-control! I'm beginning to understand. As I surrender to God, He enables me. it's not will power... I've tried that and failed miserably....but I'm surrendering to Him...asking for His Spirit to help me...and look! self-control is blooming! This is so exciting for me. I can do this!

It feels so good to have my clothes getting looser!

This is what we did: we were getting used to form so weights were pretty light
10x6 20x6 40x6 80x6
Seated Goodmornings
40x6 56x6 56x6 56x6
Bent over one arm DB row
20x6 25x6 25x6

Tricep French Presses
20x6 20x6 20x6
Decline Extensions
10x6 15x6 10x6

So it's a beginning. my shoulder did well through it all. I'm so pleased. It feels great to get back to lifting. I've really missed it!

3 sets of 6 ---- lifting heavy so that on the 3rd set i can't complete the 6th rep
Jim Rohn: "We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."

My journey

28 yrs old
April '03~~~Nov '04
159lbs~~~~~~~~130 lbs
chest 38
waist 37.5"~~~30
hips 42" ~~ 38.5
bicep ~~~~~~~~~12
upper thigh 24"~~~21"