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Default Creatine (again!) Which one??

OK, OK, I just read Teletummy's post on creatine....but I didn't want to crowd in on here's
my own.
After reading Teletummy's post I went on a search regarding creatine and I must say there is sooooo
much out there. My question is, what is the difference between Phosphagen HP and Pro-lab
creatine Monohydrated....well not neccessarily the difference, but which is recommended? I am
bulking right now and have NEVER used creatine but would like to see what, if any, affects it will
have on me.
Also, the recommended "dosage" (based on my weight, 140, and BF% 19%- according to is 19.1g/d
during loading and 1.9g/d maint. Is this correct???
I am sorry to be repetitive....just trying to get as much info as I can before I venture out and buy just
any ol'creatine.
TIA!!!!! [img]/forum/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]